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The 20% tax that government has imposed on winning betting tickets has been condemned by various stakeholders.

Those talked to by New Zambia feel the move is unreasonable and requires revisiting.

“The charge is just too much, this is what keeps some of us from begging because when we put bets and win, we are able to feed our families. Now government wants to also come in this industry to tax us” Albert Tembo of Woodlands has complained.

Others feel that the 20% tax should at least be brought to 5% or even lower so that there is a win-win situation on the part of government and the players.

“This is the worst decision ever made whoever advised on this missed it big time how can the government get 20% from suffering or already affected youths who are struggling even to find money for betting” George Chinkumbe wrote.

Given Shawa who is unemployed said betting has helped him to raise money to start a small business, but fears that the tax that has been imposed may disadvantage him.

And Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Sean Tembo has condemned the move calling it ‘unacceptable and daylight robbery’.


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