Luapula Deputy Commissioner of Police Sharon ZuluZambia Police
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A- SEVEN- YEAR- OLD girl of Chembe district has allegedly been defiled by her 25 year old uncle and infected with Sexually Transmitted diseases (STIs).

Mwinsa Kamanda, 25 of Mpita village in Chief Kasomalwela chiefdom is alleged to have taken advantage of his seven year old niece who was left at home alone after her mates went to the stream to get soaked cassava.

Luapula Deputy Commissioner of Police Sharon Zulu said Mr. Kamanda upon realizing that his niece was left alone in the house, he enticed her to follow him to his hut were he had carnal knowledge of her and threatened to kill her if she reviewed the ordeal to anyone.

Ms. Zulu said diplococci, pus and motile were discovered and that the victim sustained bruises and painful private parts and that the matter was reported by Lucy Mwewa 36 of Mpita village who interrogated the girl after she found her crying.

“This occurred on Saturday between 06:00hours and 18:00hrs at Kebumba Farming area in Chembe. Brief facts are that on Saturday around 06:00hrs, the victims aunt Lucy Mwewa and her husband left for the farm leaving their seven year old child with her cousins (children for the reporter) aged nine and 14 who also left for the nearby stream to go and remove cassava soaked in the stream leaving the victim home alone washing plates,” she explained.

Ms. Zulu said the victim complained of painful private parts and was rushed to Chembe rural health centre were she was examined and diagnosed with STIs.

She said Police issued a medical report to the victim but that no arrest had been made yet as the suspect was currently at large and that investigations had been instituted in the matter to bring the culprit to book.

Ms. Zulu said Mr. Kamanda was a blood brother to the victim’s mother who was currently in Kasumbalesa on business with her husband.

Meanwhile a 10 year old boy of Milenge District has committed suicide after he was admonished by his mother for refusing to go to school.

Ms. Zulu said on Monday around 07:00hrs, the boy who was a grade 3 pupil had refused to go to school and the mother let him be but that around 10:00hrs when the young sister aged 8 returned from school; he without any reason started tiring her books.

This she said infuriated his mother who blasted at him for his action after which he ran away from home and was only discovered hanging from a tree in a nearby bush at about 16:00hrs.


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