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Thirty unclaimed bodies were yesterday buried at Chingwere cemetery.

Lusaka City Council public relations manager Mwaka Nakweti said last month the council received a request from the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) to bury 30 unclaimed bodies.

She said according to a letter from UTH, the unclaimed bodies which had been laying in the mortuary for sometime were giving rise to an unpleasant mortuary environment contrary to the Public Health Act Cap 295 of the Laws of Zambia.

Ms. Nakweti said bodies also caused congestion in the mortuary hence the need to decongest the facility.

“Consequently, a notice was placed in the press about Councils intention to bury the 30 unclaimed bodies. That was done in accordance with the provisions of Section 61, Paragraph 41 of the Second Schedule of the Local Government Act Cap 281 of Laws of Zambia.

In accordance with the law, 14 days were assigned in the notice for members of the general public to claim or identify any of the bodies and conduct burial,” she said.

Ms. Nakweti said this is the third time this year the Council is burying unclaimed bodies.

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