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President Hakainde Hichilema should sort out all the issues surrounding Konkola Copper Mines – KCM, Green Party president Peter Chazya Sinkamba has said.
Mr. Sinkamba is worried that the issues at the mine if left unchecked may affect the productivity levels as well as other important matters.
He said in an interview with New Zambia that the liquidation process which has brought a lot of uncertainties needs to be dealt with immediately.
“The President has to sort out the liquidation issue which was not done properly” Mr Sinkamba has observed with a call on him to make serious pronouncements that will bring viability at the mine.
“Under that arrangement of liquidation, it will not take us anywhere.We need the mine to be productive like the way Mopani is now” Mr Sinkamba said.
He has called for a proper procedure that is within the law to be followed as the case was with Mopani so that we can get enough revenue from the country’s mines.
He said the liquidation of KCM has been marred with a lot of controversies which president Hichilema need to sort out.

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