The Zambia National Students UnionThe Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU)
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The Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) is calling on both managers of public and private institutions of higher learning to allow students who owe some payment to take their semester and sessional examinations but put measures in place for recovery of user fees that students owe an institution.

ZANASU President Steven Musonda Kanyakula has noted with concern the increasing threats by management in both public and private universities to stop students from taking their examinations despite these students having made some considerable payment towards their tuition fees.

Mr. Kanyakula says ZANASU is aware of cases from across the country where students may not take their examinations because of non-full payment of tuition fees.

He has reminded institutions of higher learning that stopping students from taking examinations does not put money into the coffers on a university or college.

Mr. Kanyakula says Management can find other means to recover the monies such as withholding of results until the full payment has been made.

He has appealed to Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Siakalima to begin earnest discussions between management and students, through their Unions, to find a lasting solution to this problem.

ZANASU president has commended institutions whose Unions have launched the Student Revolving Fund that will allow students to borrow funds to pay for their examinations at no interest.

Mr. Kanyakula has encouraged student unions around the country to begin emulating these examples that bridge the gap when solutions cannot be found.

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