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The Anti-voter Apathy Project (AVAP) in North western province has advised the new government to curb political violence being perpetrated by suspected UPND cadres in the name of victory celebration.

AVAP provincial coordinator Cranes Kasito said in an interview that it is unfortunate that cadres in the name of victory celebration have gone a rampage destroying property.

Mr. Kasito states that his organisation including other stakeholders have denounced and condemned the behavior of cadres in the outgoing government. “What is happening in some parts of the country is not right and we condemn it in the strongest terms.  And we are therefore calling on the President-elect Mr. Hakainde Hichilema to act quickly before more property and lives are lost.” he said.

He called for cadres to be completely removed from the bus stations as well as the markets. And Mr. Kasito has called on President-elect Hichilema not go on a honeymoon after being sworn in. He says this is because the country has a lot of challenges that need to be addressed. He said, “People voted for change because they wanted issues to do with the economy addressed, health care system to be improved, and many other issues.  So, we don’t want to see a situation where the new government will go to sleep or rather honeymoon, “added.

On the just ended general election, Mr. Kasito said “the elections where somehow not free and fair because we witnessed a situation where some political parties where not allowed to campaign freely by the outgoing government.  We also witnessed situations where lives were lost,”

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