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By Daimone Siulapwa

The state of Zambian football is a reflection of its leadership, and the recent performance of the national team under the guidance of Avram Grant has been nothing short of a disappointment.


At 69, Avram Grant’s tenure as the Chipolopolo coach has proven that he is not the visionary leader needed to steer our national team to glory.


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) must face the reality: it is time for a change, the Zambian coach is too tired, fragile and unfocused to bring about any meaningful change.


Avram Grant’s track record is not inspiring confidence among Zambian football enthusiasts.


Yesterday’s match against Tanzania was a testament to his inability to bring about any meaningful transformation.


The game was marred by lackluster tactics and a clear absence of strategic innovation.


Grant’s age is a factor that cannot be ignored; at 69, his approach to football appears outdated, lacking the dynamism and forward-thinking required in modern football management.


In contrast, the global football scene is dominated by younger, more vibrant coaches who bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to their teams.


The current trend in successful football management is towards younger coaches who can relate to players, understand contemporary football dynamics, and adapt quickly to changing situations.


Avram Grant, on the other hand, seems stuck in the past, unable to inspire or motivate our players effectively.


The blame for this stagnation does not rest solely on Grant’s shoulders. The Football Association of Zambia must also be held accountable.


FAZ’s decision to appoint an aging coach with a history of mediocrity about one and half a year ago raises serious questions about its commitment to the development of Zambian football.


This is not just a question of age but of vision, ambition, and the ability to inspire a team towards success.


FAZ needs to take its responsibilities seriously and recognize that the development of football in Zambia requires more than just filling a position.


For someone who claims to have coached Chelsea, Grant comes out as a total failure who has no strategy.


Zambian football requires a strategic, forward-thinking approach that prioritizes the future of our young players and the national team.


The appointment of Avram Grant was a step backward, and it is time for FAZ to correct this mistake.


The future of Zambian football lies in the hands of FAZ, and it is imperative that they take bold steps to secure it.


This begins with acknowledging that Avram Grant is not the right fit for the Chipolopolo.


We need a coach who brings not only experience but also innovation, energy, and a proven ability to win.


It is time to look for a coach who can connect with our players, understand their strengths, and develop a cohesive strategy that maximizes our potential.


Furthermore, FAZ must implement a transparent and rigorous selection process for the new coach.


This process should involve consultations with stakeholders, including former players, coaches, and football analysts, to ensure that the best candidate is chosen.


The emphasis should be on finding a coach with a track record of success, a deep understanding of modern football tactics, and the ability to inspire and motivate a team.


Zambian football fans deserve better. They deserve a team that can compete on the international stage and a coach who can lead them to victory. Avram Grant’s tenure has been marked by disappointment and missed opportunities, and it is time for FAZ to take decisive action.


The appointment of a new, dynamic coach is essential for the future success of the Chipolopolo.

Daimone Siulapwa is a political analyst, an advocate for tribal unity, and Citizen Economic Empowerment.

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