B-Mak's new single 'Umoyo'B-Mak's new single 'Umoyo'
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NewAge music label has continued to create an impact on the local music circles with random music releases from its artistes.

Following the latest single from Elisha Long called ‘ Chance’ , the label has unveiled rapper B-Mak’s new single called ‘Umoyo’.
‘Umoyo’ meaning life is a seemingly real life talk detailing all the happenings around his life, the music industry and the birth of the New Age.

This single also on video, features Koby, Camstar and Elisha Long. All these artistes have a share of their story most likely transforming from XYZ to New Age.

Just at its release, the song received overwhelming feedback and support. Rapper Bobby East shared on social media how he found B-Mak’s verse real and emotional. Camstar has been quoted severally for recognizing how he misses Chef 187 as a realest brother.

Produced by Mohsin Malik, the single has already penetrated the West Africa chart show on Hip Hop MIN5 trending at number 8.

” Thank you all for the love and support we’ve received thus far,” stated NewAge’s H-Mac.

Click the link to watch the video

B-Mak's new single 'Umoyo'
                        B-Mak’s  – ‘Umoyo’

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