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Ms. Banks said expectations were always high after an election, but that it was important for Zambians to maintain the same momentum and fervour seen during the polls they held to ensure they continue to hold the Government accountable.

Speaking to journalists shortly upon arrival  at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport ahead of the inauguration ceremony, Ms. Banks said Zambia had a strong tradition of successful elections since its independence in 1964 which in itself was a good example  to other African countries.

“Expectations are always high right after an election as it were in the United States after President Joe Biden was elected but I think  that it is important for the Zambian people to maintain the same momentum, the same fervour that brought them to the polls,” she said.

Ms. Banks said she was elated that people were able to turn out in numbers to exercise their rights to vote and that she was looking forward to attending today’s inauguration ceremony.

Picture: TheGuardian 

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