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A civil society organisation in Solwezi Kwatu Voice has observed that most political cadres appointed to sensitive positions of high ranking civil service position such permanent secretaries have always been at a helm of compromise in terms of service delivery.
Kwatu Voice coordinator Oliver Chilefu states that whilst the individuals could be qualified for such a position, but because they belong to a political party it becomes a challenge to execute their duties exceptionally.
Mr. Chilefu said in most cases there is no fairness in what terms of what is being provided to the citizens in terms of equality.
He said once the civil service becomes too political, service delivery is always compromised.
“The stance for the organisation still remains the same that positions such permanent secretaries should be given to individuals who are neutral in terms of political alienation because the civil service should not be made to be political which can result into compromised service delivery, “said Mr. Chilefu.
Mr. Chilefu’s comment follows the appointment of Col Grandson Katambi and Naomi Tetamashimba as Permanent Secretary and Deputy Permanent Secretary for North western province respectively.
Prior to their appointments, the dual have been provincial chairperson and vice chairlady for administration for the United Party for National Development ( UPND ) for North western province.
He said there must be a proper way and mechanism of ensuring that individuals appointed are rising in the rank and file of the civil service and not political cadres.
“The best the appointing authority could have done is that especially that some individuals appointed have political ambitions, they could have been moved to a different province so that they serve in that province where they would be considered as neutral as compared to keep them in the same province where to some extent they will be a competitor to some lawmakers that we have. Those are some of the fears that we have as an organisation,” he said.


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