WOrld Mental Health DAYWOrld Mental Health DAY
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As the world prepares to celebrate World Mental Health Day, a call has been made on the need for people to pay attention to issues of mental health.

Suicide,mental disorder,stress, among others mental issues have been on the rise in recent times, according to Zambia’s heath statistics.

Various stakeholders have since called on people to pay attention to their mental health in order to change the narrative.

Dr Juliet Botha, who is a mental health specialist has observed with concern that people have not taken issues of mental wellness with the same importance as other heath aspects.

Dr Botha in an interview says there is need to attach the same importance to issues of mental health just as other health challenges in order to fully appreciate its relevance.

“We make it seem like mental health is an isolated case but it has far reaching societal impact” she said with call for collective participation in all activities relating to the topic.

And others are of the view that people with mental disorders are often discriminated against which defeats the purpose to address the problem comprehensively.

But Dr Botha says society has to change its approach to the matter because a nation whose mental attitude is compromised risk not attaining its full developmental potential.

Every year numerous days are celebrated not just to remind people of diseases but to also to unite people of our mother earth.

These days are celebrated with a unique zeal and zest all over the world in accordance with the culture and norms of a particular geographical area.

But the basic and fundamental aim of celebration of these days is to unite people, peace across the world.

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