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Calm has returned to Lusaka’s Mtendere compound after yesterday’s riots, which triggered a mini riot in the area.
Quick action by police brought to an end the riot from getting out of hand following the death of a seven year old boy of the same compound who was electrocuted whilst playing near a makeshift stall where there was a live electricity cable.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo who has confirmed the incident which happened around 19:00 hours said police quickly moved in and controlled the situation by dispersing people who had wanted to take advantage of the situation to loot people’s shops.

Mrs. Katongo however disclosed that the rioters damaged one shop and stole all second hand pairs of shoes whose value has not yet been ascertained as the owner of the shop was not available at the time of occurrence.

Ms. Katongo says the body of the deceased is deposited in the UTH mortuary awaiting postmortem while investigations have been instituted in both the death, as well as the looting incidents.


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