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A traditional leader in Zambezi district has given about 250 hectares of land to the Copperbelt University (CBU).

The land is meant for the setting up of a campus in that district.

Chief Ishima of the Lunda speaking people disclosed in a interview that the land has already been identified in readiness for commencement of works.

The traditional leader stated that the setting up of a campus will help the youths in the area to have easy access to tertiary education within their vicinity.

“They approached the royal establishment last year, and I can confidently announce to the general public that we have released the piece of land and sooner or later construction works may commence,” said the traditional leader.

He further disclosed that the higher learning institution will not just concentrate on academic business but also engage into commercial farming.

“And we are very happy that they will be engaging in farming activities which at the end of the day we believe will provide employment for our local people,” he said.

He said once it is fully implemented, the project will change the economic and social status of the district.

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