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Farmers in Chadiza District of Eastern Province as an are happy that they will be celebrating this year’s independence day with their backyards already stocked with fertilizer.

Mr Kenan Phiri of Ndapsya cooperative said it good to celebrate independence this time around without having to worry about when government will fulfil it mandate of delivering farming inputs.

The farmers were Speaking when Neria’s Investiments Limited managing director, Martin Chaikatisha conducted a fact finding mission to access the input distribution exercise,

And Mr Chaikatisha is happy that the whole process of reedeming of inputs upto to distribution is well coordinated.

He has further commended the UPND government for ensuring that the process is well implemented for the sake of promoting national food security by preparing the farmers adequately through timely input distribution.

“Am happy that we are witnessing that farmers are redeeming very well here are we are subsequently loading.Its quite gratifying to note that Chadiza is a hive of activities.Its basically part of the freedom our forefathers fought for, to enhance food production by delivering the inputs early” Mr Chaikatisha said.

Meanwhile, Chadiza District Agricultural Coordinator (DACO), Kabange Masenga has advised farmers not to misuse the farming inputs and to also use certified seed in order to promote agriculture production.

He is optimistic that like always, Chadiza is poised to produce a bumper harvest as a result of efficiency with the input delivery programme by government.

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