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A mention of Chagwa will immediately bring memories of the country’s past President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

But a different Chagwa has defied odds to make ends meet in one of the country’s rural areas.

More surprising is that this particular Chagwa is not male, but female, who has vowed not to let gender inequality steal her shine to make ends meet.

New Zambia caught up with Dorris Chagwa of Chadiza District of Eastern Province who has refused to let male dominated jobs pass her by while she just watches.

She is a mother of 4, whose life has been without challenges, but says she won’t be cowered down.

She however says, that challenges are part of life and ‘how you react to them is what matters the most’.Lilian has embarked on a job which other women will reject because of its nature.

Guess the job?, it is lifting and packing of sacks of fertilizer in warehouse.In the midst of men, amd being the only woman, Dorris has taken territorial dominance as a woman who says what men can do, women can do much better.

“I need to fend for my kids and I won’t allow myself to endulge in things that will distract me from making it in life” she said.

About women that depend on clubbing and prostitution for survival,Dorris who has four children, divorced, but now married again, says such is what has reduced the dignity of women in society.

She says society is tough, but women ought to be tougher to overcome challenges that face humanity today.

She says women should rise above self pity, and take up any kid of job as long as they are able to feed and take care of their children.

“I always encourage my fellow women to do any job that a man is capable of doing, but unfortunately many are already discouraged and openly say they can’t. For me, I have given myself to work hard and support my family and also take my siblings to school” she explained.

“You are wasting your time clubbing and doing unproductive things, when your focus should be about helping yourself to grow and your family” Dorris said as a word of caution and encouragement to fellow women who are being unproductive.

About whether she gets intimidated being the only woman in a group of men, Dorris says her physical power to work is what is cardinal in executing her daily schedules.

As the farming season gets into gear, and farmers already collecting thier farming inputs, Dorris’ day at the office will get even busier and hopefully make her life even better.

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