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Mr. Boyd Mboyi Shibuyunji Town Council Chairperson

Shibuyunji Town Council workers have been cautioned to change the work attitude and serve the people in the District diligently.

Council Secretary Boyd Mboyi reminded the workers that the change of government meant that public servants should work hard as the new government calls for transparency, hard work, effectiveness and quality service delivery.

Mr. Mboyi was speaking during the interactive meeting between Council workers and the Council Chairperson.

The Council Secretary further assured the Council Chairperson of support and loyalty and ensure that government vision is fully realised.

He noted that every institution has challenges and hoped that the Council Chairperson through his office will look into the conditions of service as he superintends over the affairs of the Council.

Mr. Mboyi also said that the promises made by the Chairperson can only be fulfilled when he works hand in hand with technocrats.

And speaking at the same function, Council Chairperson, Adrian Mwanakanyemba said that the new dawn government expects work to be executed in a professional manner.

Mr. Mwanakanyemba emphasized on the need for workers to unite and be involved in the developmental agenda.

He said there should be massive development during his tenure saying this can only be attained when there is teamwork.

He noted that individual’s reputation reflects back on the Council saying that workers should refrain from under hand methods of conniving with Councilors further stating that Councilors should instead be well guided on the operations of the Council.

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