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Chongwe Municipal Council Mayor CHRISTOPHER HABEENZU has implored citizens to embark on a mindset change if development for the country is to be achieved.

Mr. HABEENZU says achieving government’s development agenda requires efforts of both government and citizens .

He reiterated that positive attitude to work and business, honesty and integrity, group and personal sacrifice as well as hard work is what is needed for both government and its citizens to achieve the much desired development.

He was speaking during Zambia’s 57th Independence commemoration at Chongwe Secondary School in Chongwe district.

Mr. HABEENZU further urged Chongwe residents to take responsibility of the freedom bestowed upon them .

He said the freedom Zambia is enjoying came at a high price and should not be taken for granted.

Mr. HABEENZU also echoed on the meaning of independence among which he highlighted freedom from lack of education, income, land and discrimination.

Meanwhile Acting District Commissioner Father LAWRENCE CHIBWE reiterated on the need for people to enjoy their freedom responsibly.

He said Zambian’s have always been bearers of peace and that gives a signal of greater things ahead of the country in the coming years.

He further urged Chongwe residents to continue with the spirit of unity, love and hard work for the betterment of the country.

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