EFF General Secretary Changala SiameEFF General Secretary Changala Siame
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The Economic Freedom Fighters Party General Secretary has said that the recent arrests on some opposition members may be perceived as political which-hunt due to the manner in which they were being done.

Party General Secretary Changala Siame says that his party supports a genuine fight against corruption and other crimes but that it should not be done in a manner in which it may be perceived political.

Mr. Siame says some of the arrests may be unnecessary political gimmicks that will just bring about tension among political parties.

Mr. Siame’s comments come in the wake of some of opposition PF members that have recently been arrested on various charges.

Zambia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) arrested former President Edgar Lungu’s spokesman Amos Chanda for using insulting language.
Commission spokeswoman Queen Chibwe said Chanda was charged along with his wife, Mable Nakaundi Chanda, and his sister-in-law Ruth Nakaundi.

“Chanda has been charged with one count of using insulting language … and one count of obstruction,” Chinwe told reporters in Lusaka after Chanda underwent eight hours of questioning at the commission’s offices. “Mrs. Chanda and Miss Nakaundi are jointly charged with one count of using insulting language and one count of obstruction.

Chibwe said the charges stem when three ACC officers searched Chanda’s properties in Lusaka, including a farm and apartment on October 27th 2021.

She said the insulting act was conduct likely to give provocation to the named officers to cause them to break the peace or commit an offense.

Chibwe said Mrs Chanda and Miss Nakaundi were charged with similar offenses.

The trio are also accused of obstructing and delaying ACC officers from searching their residence when they said keys to the bedrooms were with another person purported to have traveled out of town when in fact the person had not.

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