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Patriotic Front North Western Province mobilisation coordinator Enock Kapalu says in as much as the former ruling party appreciatesĀ the crusade against corruption by the UPND government, it should be done without malice.

Mr. Kapalu said in an interview that it is unfortunate that the current crusade against corruption is being done on assumptions.

He stated that corruption allegations against any individual should be evidence based and not rooted in assumptions.

He said where suspicion and evidence has been established, the government through the investigative wings is free to move in and pursue such an activity.

“But as long as there is malice and witch-hunt, such cases are likely not to yield any positive results. If anything, its government that stands to lose out at the end of the day,” said Mr. Kapalu.

He said the UPND government should be careful with some whistle blowers as most of them are doing so for personal benefits.

“Most of the trumpets that have been blown so far, the blowers have done so for personal benefits and government stands to lose out at the end of the day. So, the UPND government should be very careful,” he said.

And Mr. Kapalu has described last month’s general elections not to be free and fair.

He said this is evidenced the number of electoral petitions the UPND has petitioned at parliamentary and council chairman level.

He said for North Western province in particular, the process was full of intimidation and that fear was instilled in the electorates.

“Am sure the nation is fully aware that because the political situation, our provincial chairman was killed in cold blood, our party officials and sympathisers where being attacked. So, generally, the elections where not free and fair,” he said.

On the removal of immunity of the former president Edgar Lungu, Mr. Kapalu said “if the UPND government think by lifting president Lungu’s immunity they will be fixing the economy or fulfilling their campaign promises, they are cheating themselves,” he said.

He stated that the new dawn government should concentrate and solutions to the campaign promises.

“What they should understand is that the people of Zambia are still waiting for the free education they promised from grade one to university, the reduced prices of mealie meal, reduced prices of fertiliser, education, Health and road infrastructure. People are still waiting,” he said.

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