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A governance expert in Solwezi John Kalusa has observed that the delay in appointing permanent secretaries has the potential to render anomalies in the audit process.

Mr. Kalusa states that having acting permanent secretaries for long periods can result into misuse of public funds.

He said the acting permanent secretaries only have delegated powers in performing their duties.

He said with delegated powers, cannot make certain decisions due to limited authority.

“So, the powers that be should consider appointing the controlling officers on time to avoid possible audit queries,” said Mr. Kalusa.

He said the delay is not healthy for the nation as some funds are likely to be misappropriated.

He questioned who is currently authorising payments and other issues that require the attention of a controlling officer.

He has however appealed to the appointing authority to appoint seasoned civil servants as controlling officers.

He said there has been an outcry from members of the public about those appointed to be political cadres.

“That’s my humble appeal to the powers that be to appoint professional civil servants to those positions,” he said.


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