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Democratic Party leader Harry Kalaba has called for restoration of dignity among the teachers in the country as they celebrate the 2021 teachers day.
“Teachers at the heart of education recovery ” being the theme is timely because it reminds us to help restore the dignity of our beloved transformers of society, Mr. Kalaba has said.
He has since called for addressing various challenges affecting the welfare of teachers such as accommodation.
He has observed that there is inadequate and indecent accommodation for them to discharge their duties effectively.
“Building housing units would help curb the challenge and foster quality and security to their families.Transport allowance is not adequate in relation to the distance covered since the majority of teachers are tenants in distant places where they can afford accommodation” Mr. Kalaba has observed.
He also notes that the demand of the cost of living doesn’t match with the monthly wage, adding that salary increment is the answer to this challenge under the diversification policy approach.
What he further observes is that the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) rates are exaggerated and the institution is not yet in order because licences paid for haven’t reached most of the subscribers.
“Teacher upgrade takes too long and yet professional development is emphasised. The bureaucratic system makes management decisions to drag and takes too long to attend to teachers plight. It lacks the relevance required for a decentralised concept and efficacy” he further notes.
And Mr. Kalaba has proposed that housing allowance must be revisited because those in some of our urban areas can’t afford to secure accommodation in relation to the amount given.
“For instance, teachers who are not accommodated in Kabulonga fail to finance rentals in the area and opt to go to shanty areas where accommodation is found and the standards required are compromised. Empowerment schemes are not available for teachers. Schemes targeting teachers must be introduced and if any, they must be intensified for their sustainable living as they plan to retire” he said.
He says nepotism and cadrelism must not characterise the service as well as promotion.
He has reminded that a frustrated teacher produces a morally bankrupt citizenry adding that there is need to restore the dignity and status of the beloved teachers for them to recover our education.
“We salute our teachers for the gift of enlightenment” he said.

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