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Police in Mushindamo have recovered and confiscated assorted medical drugs packed in three big sacks suspected to be property of ministry of Health.

According to North western province deputy commissioner of police Dr. Fred Mulenga, the incident happened on Sunday around 23 hours at Mushindamo police check point along the Solwezi – Kipushi road.

Dr. Mulenga disclosed that the drugs were loaded on top of a Benz Truck Registration Number ACZ 2264 belonging to Mr. Kapaba of Solwezi Mitec area which was driven by Fredrick Mutampuka aged 24 years of Solwezi Zambian Compound Black bar area.

“And medicine was identified by Medical Personnel as follows;
Coartem batch No QK 02319 quantity 27×30×24,
Coartem batch No QK 02310 quantity 27×30×24,
Coartem batch No QK 00938 quantity 13×30×24,
Pregnancy test kits RDTs quantity 1×50, 1×50
Sildenfil Citrate Tab , quantity 7x30x24
Pill Fem one pack, quantity 1×10
Azithromycin batch No EK 115 quantity 8x20x10
Chloroquine tablets batch No E05GE7008,
306 cannulars,
95 tablets of Vitamin C plus
10 zinc tablets,
Vitamin C 502,
Multivitamin 124 and Zinc+Vitamin 10×60 respectively,” said Dr Mulenga.

He revealed that the driver after he was interviewed told officers that someone called him whilst in Solwezi when he was loading his Truck with some Perishable goods to be taken to Kipushi boarder for selling that he had 3 Sacks which were going to Kipushi boarder through Kasengi Nguzu who is commonly known as “Bana Mbuyu” aged 54 a Congolese National who works at Kipushi boarder as an agent in both countries.

He said Bana Mbuyu was called but expressed ignorance over the items. She was expecting to receive a consignment from Solwezi to Kipushi on behalf of a Congolese Doctor, known to her as Dr. Christian of Lubumbashi DRC. She knew Dr. Christian as her mealie meal customer.

He said further communicated with Dr. Christian who revealed that he had a friend in Lusaka who sent him the drugs and he was sending his friend from Solwezi to bring the documents to show where he bought the drugs from.
He said the following day, in the Company of companion only identified as Ana also a Congolese national went and reported themselves at Kipushi boarder Police Post to help the Police with investigations.

“However, on Monday police managed to meet Kasengi Nguzu at Kipushi border who was accompanied by one Congolese Police officer and two other Congolese Government officials who said they were investigating the issue as well at their side,” he explained.

He said a statement was recorded from Kasengi Nguzu and investigation have been instituted.


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