Dj Young 5 (L) & Dj Kos (R)
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Dj Young 5 (L) & Dj Kos (R)

As the Independence weekend draws closer, Zambian entertainment spots are gearing up for various events to mark the celebrations.

Exohut Resort (Tchagra Farm) in Lusaka on Mumbwa Road hosts DJs Kos the Dynamite and DJ Young 5 for a special weekend gig dubbed ‘ The Independence Vibes’.

 This will be an ecstatic moment of music greatness from the two passionate DJs.

“It is a moment to celebrate Zambia’s independence by adding an entertainment vibe. We want to play all the good Zambian music plus other mixes that will promote the independence mood,” said DJ Kos who is very excited to be listed for this gig.

“I am personally asking all my fans to come out in numbers and experience a different environment, feel and music selection,” said DJ Young 5.

The Independence Vibes takes place on Saturday 23rd October and Sunday 24th October.  The two DJs will be supported by K-Kays and the Dancing Queens.

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