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Some farmers in many parts of the country have called on government to intervene in the supply of grain bags for storage of maize which risks going to waste.

New Zambia conducted a checkup in Mumbwa and Shibuyunji to establish the extent of grain bag shortages.

Many farmers are fearful that if the situation is not brought under control, the work they have done in producing a bumper harvest will equal to zero.

“Tinashanga mushe elo Mulungu naye atidalisa naulimi wamushe manje problem nimofaka milisi” (God blessed us with very good yields but we are asking for grain bags) Trymore Ngandu, a farmer in Mumbwa has complained.

And other farmers are worried that if the matter continues like this, the country will have food insecurity.

“We will not be motivated if we don’t get value from the crops that we have sweated for” another farmer observed.

Meanwhile, Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Sunday Chanda has shared similar sentiments with a call on government to come to the plight of the farmers.

He expressed concern that farmers in his Constituency have been staying at Food Reserve Agency (FRA) depots since August 2021 waiting to be supplied with empty grain bags for their maize.

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