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Former Patriotic Front North-Western province vice youth chairman Herold Zholomi has called on Zambians to be patient and give President Hakainde Hichilema chance to properly govern the country.

Mr Zholomi said in an interview that it is not fair for people to start demanding for results now when President Hichilema has only been in office for less than two months.

He said in as much as the head of state has already appointed his cabinet, people need to be patient with him.

“He has been in office for less than two months, now how do you expect some deliver within that period? Rome was not built in day,” said Mr Zholomi.

He stated that President Hichilema fulfilment of campaign promises will only be gauged at least after a year.

“At least by that, he would have already been running government under the UPND formulated budget. But now, it is difficult to gauge him because the government is running on the PF 2021 national budget,” he said.

He said he (Hichilema) has promised a lot to the country and that he said he is going to clean up the country by bringing in sanity.

He has however appealed to the UPND government to stick to its promises and fulfil them.

He said the youths in the country are so expectant from the UPND government especially in the areas of empowerment and job creation.

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