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Google’s Grace Hopper named after US Naval Admiral and Computer Scientist, is a 7,000km long Transatlantic communications undersea cable.

The Cable Has been laid over several months, From New York In the United States to Bude in Cornwall, Uk and Bilbao, Spain.

The Cable is expected to be operational by 2022, according to Jane Stowell, Strategic negotiator global infrastructure at Google, the massive cable will be able to carry more internet traffic than all existing undersea cables combined. “Think of 17.5 million people streaming 4K videos concurrently,” she said.

Ms. Stowell added, “This is really needed for the UK in particular, where most of the cables where landed in the early 2000’s with the newest one in2003.” The age of those cables, means that they have out lived their economic and technological life, rendering them nearly obsolete as they can not support the enormous growth that is needed to keep people connected 24/7.

Photo credit- Google

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