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Government has been urged to enhance provision and water and sanitation services, as the world celebrates hand washing day.

New Zambia conducted random interviews to ascertain the level of understanding of the day itself, as well as to get people’s view on levels of sanitation and general hygiene.

Those talked to have expressed ignorance about the hand washing day, but have challenged government to ensure that provision of water services especially in rural and densely populated areas in improved.

They feel important places such as the central business districts do not have sufficient spots or places where people can wash thier hands.

“Just even toilets in town are a problem, unless you pay but even then you are not guaranteed clean water to wash your hands” a student from Apex said in an interview.

The student who preferred to remain anonymous said Zambia by now should have had improved and cheaper water access in order to reduce the levels of filth.

“Just look around town and see the level of undesginated dump sites against lack of water provision.What do you expect” she asked.

This years World Hand Washing Day is being commemorated under the theme:”our future is at hand let’s move together”.

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