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President Hakainde Hichilema has waged war on corruption and warned that the government will not spare any expense to ensure that perpetrators are made to account for their impropriety.

Speaking during the opening of parliament Mr. Hichilema said that his administration abhors corruption and that his government has a zero-tolerance policy on corruption in all its forms.

He explained that there will be no sacred cows in the fight and that the government will introduce specialised fast-track stolen assets recovery mechanisms and courts for corruption and economic crimes.

“We will also enact legislation on ethics and integrity for improved transparency and accountability.

“We will increase the benefits of being honest and the cost of being corrupt and to enhance transparency and accountability in our national affairs, we will review the policy and legal framework for oversight institutions to enable them to effectively fight corruption and economic crimes,” he stated.

He also told parliament that the government will increase funding and enhance the operational independence of oversight institutions.

Mr. Hichilema explained that the government will also enact legislation on ethics and integrity for improved transparency and accountability hence the government will depoliticise appointments and promotions and improve leadership and management competences.

He also disclosed that the government will implement changes in management programs in the public service to ensure an optimal service delivery system.

“In addition, we will reform the service commissions to enhance their independence and professionalism.

“We want the commissions to protect the public service from unwarranted political interference, in line with their mandate and we will ensure that the merit principle is strictly adhered to in appointments and placements.


Picture: Times of Zambia

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