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Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba says the party will emerge triumphant despite the current challenges.

He said during a press briefing today, that the party will smoothly handle its internal differences in the spirit of taking the party to greater heights.

He said he left the PF because of corruption and indiscipline, adding that he will not tolerate such in his party.

“This has not been a journey without drama” he said and recalled how the party faced intimidation and threats of been deregistered.

Meanwhile, the party has with immediate effect suspended its three officials, namely Justine Nkonge,Evans Chilambwe and Judith Kabemba.

This follows the action by the trio to suspend its party president, Harry Kalaba without following the laid down procedures in accordance to the party constitution.

Party national secretary Mr Jewis Chabi said the three individuals have brought the name of they party into disrepute.

He said at the same event that assertions by the three officials that president Kalaba was only invited to participate in the August 12 elections are null and void.

He argued that there is no way president Kalaba would be invited to contest on the party ticket without having his nomination papers accepted and scrutinized by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)

Mr Chabi has since called on all party members across the country not to lose focus but continue to mobilize the party, and also called on new members whether from the PF or UPND to feel free to join the party.

President Harry Kalaba is the legitimate leader of the DP elected during National Convention which was held in November 2020.

This was reafirmed by the National Secretary of the Party Mr. Jewis Chabi when he addressed the Presss today at the Party Secretariat in Woodland s this afternoon.

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