New Zambia
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AS the number of COVID cases in the country continue to reduce, players in the entertainment and arts industries are hopeful the government will relax its restrictions on social gatherings to smooth operations. This is especially possible because of the approaching summer, which in entertainment is right time for outdoor events. This sees producers and vendors of alcoholic beverages experience a spike in sales due to an increase in the number of large events that take place.

However, all this seems impossible as the government is still under construction. The newly-elected United Party for National Development (UPND) as ruling party is still setting its house in order in terms of ushering in a new Cabinet to make policy pronouncements and directives.

Republican President Hakainde Hichilema is taking time with the selection to ensure he has a well-balanced team. But players in the entertainment industry feel this delay is taking a toll on their businesses and many are in a wait and see situation.

“We hope the President can quickly get his cabinet together so we get down with our business,” an entertainment and arts promoter revealed.

“We have seen a number of gigs being advertised but this seems illegal because there is no government directive so far.”

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