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The Patriotic Front in North Western Province says the announcement by police Inspector General Lemmy Kajoba that it will start investigating all criminal cases committed as way back as 2015 is political witch hunt.

PF provincial acting chairman Enock Kapalu said in an interview that it is wrong for the police to start investigating criminal cases this time when all along they had shelved them.

He wondered why police had to wait all this long for them to start carrying out investigations.

“A criminal offence is a criminal regardless of who has committed it, but one wonders why police has to wait for this time for them to commence investigations, it doesn’t add up,” said Mr. Kapalu.

He stated that as long as the investigations will be one sided, The former ruling party will deem it political witch hunt.

He said police should not target PF members but also investigate UPND members as well.

He revealed that in Chavuma, a case of arson was committed by well known UPND members and that the it was reported to police but that up to this time, non of them has been arrested.

Last week Inspector General of police Lemmy Kajoba announced that police should use all legal means to bring to book all persons that have committed crimes in the recent past.


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