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The United Party for National Development (UPND) Alliance has suggested to the Government to institute a commission of inquiry into the number of public service workers who were retired in national interest on suspicion of being United Party for National Development (UPND) sympathizers after the 2016 general elections.

UPND Alliance media director Thabo Kawana said he was saddened that some public service workers were fired, demoted or transferred for merely wearing UPND regalia or sympathizing with the party during that year’s campaigns in the run up to the general elections.

Mr. Kawana said he was hoping that once President Hakainde Hichilema settled down he would institute a commission of inquiry to look at the number of people that were victimised to have them reinstated.

Speaking on Monday when he featured on tonight’s edition of Democracy on Prime Television Zambia, Mr. Kawana said some of the workers retired were below the age of retirement.

“I hope that, and this is a suggestion, that when my President has completely settled down and made his appointments, maybe we should have a commissioner of inquiry to know the number of people that were victimised and retired in national interest,” Mr. Kawana said.

He said it was a democratic right for any Zambian to belong to any political party they were comfortable with.

Mr. Kawana said President Hichilema had been very categorical that in the new dawn, a name of a person or where he or she hailed from would not matter but that people would be employed or elevated on merit.

And Mr. Kawana urged Zambians to ignore the list of cabinet ministers making rounds on social media describing it as fake.

He said President Hichilema was very consultative and accommodative in all his decisions and pronouncements in the presidency and governance of the country.

Mr. Kawana said in all his decisions, President Hichilema was consultative and that it was for that reason UPND Alliance partners attend swearing in ceremonies because they were party to the decisions and moving together in unison.
He further said the appointment of Anthony Bwalya as official presidential aide for press and public relations was an espousal to the young people that when President Hichilema said he would work with them regardless of age, he means business.
Mr. Kawana said the UPND alliance had welcomed the appointment of Mr. Bwalya as President Hichilema’s spokesperson because he was qualified for the position.

“We can vouch that Anthony Bwalya is mind for mind, brain for brain in cahoots with the President and therefore he is the most suitable person for the position and we want to reach out to the Journalists to give him the support needed for him to succeed so that he opens the door for young people in society,” Mr. Kawana said.

He urged the media to support and build Mr. Bwalya in order for him to succeed as he was carrying the mantle for all the young people in Zambia.

Last week, the Civil Servants and Allied Workers of Zambia appealed to the Government to reinstate 41 civil servants who were unfairly retired in national interest after the 2016 general elections.


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