Given Lubinda in LuapulaGiven Lubinda in Luapula
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IT was God’s plan for the Patriotic Front to lose elections because God wants Zambians to know the difference between Hakainde Hichilema government and Edgar Lungu former Minister of Justice, PF vice President Given Lubinda has said.

Speaking when he addressed party members in Mansa district, Mr. Lubinda said that people will realise that they have lost a good leader in the name of Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

He said that Mr. Hichilema’s statement that if the UPND lost elections there were was going to bloodshed in country was shocking.

“When MMD and PF won elections there was no blood shed but why in 2021.

“So this time it was God’s plan for the PF to lose the elections so that peace continues but God wants to show people that there is a difference between president Bally and Edgar Lungu.”

Mr. Lubinda said that the PF has learnt a lesson from the loss.

He said that there some things that the party did not do.

Mr. Lubinda explained that soon a postmortem report will released to explain where the party went wrong.

The new vice President is on a campaign tour of by-elections slated for October.

He said that the PF will field in candidates in all the by-elections because the party is still strong.


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