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Some farmers in Kalumbila District have not yet been paid their money by the Food Reserve Agency ( FRA ) after supplying their maize in the 2021 crop marketing season.
According to the district Farmers Association Chairperson Hachipabenda Nsabula, only the first batch of farmers has been cleared.
“And the rest have not been paid which is making it difficult for them to plan for the next farming season,” said Mr. Nsabula.
He wonders why government has delayed to pay the farmers even when the rainy season is on.
He said 99 percent of the farmers in the district are peasant farmers who entirely depend on the money which has been withheld by the agency for them to plan for the next farming season.
“And as the situation stands, it means the farmers are not going to prepare because time is running out,” he said.
He said government should set agriculture as a priority on its agenda if the country is to have enough stock.
Mr. Nsabula has revealed that the delay has angered farmers who are now planning to protest.
He said farmers are demanding to be addressed by relevant authorities on the delayment.
“I have been receiving phone calls from farmers across the district wanting to know what is going on. So, the situation is not ok and the earlier government addresses this issue the better,” he said.


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