Chief Matebo of the Kaonde speaking people of KalumbilaChief Matebo of the Kaonde speaking people of Kalumbila
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Chief Matebo of the Kaonde speaking people of Kalumbila District has said it is unfair to judge the performance of the United Party for National Development (UPND) barely four months of being in office.

The traditional leader has appealed to Zambians to be patient with the New Dawn Government because it means well for the country.

He said it is not possible that an administration can fulfill all its campaign promises within a period of four months.

“We are all aware that the economy in the country is not ok, but thinking that it can be corrected within a period of four months is not fair at all,” said the traditional leader.

He said in the four months that the New Dawn Government has been in office he feels it is people especially the greedy ones who will say government has done nothing and is only trying to persecute people.

He said the UPND administration means well to the Zambian people and must be supported by all well-meaning citizens.

And Chief Matebo says only greedy people and criminals who stole from the Zambian people are the ones in forefront criticising the New Dawn Government to shield their criminal activities.

He said it is only the greedy people and criminals that will try to criticise as a defense to the things that they have stolen from Zambian people.

“Some leaders from the past regime stole, this they know and their conscious is telling them that they stole. Therefore they should not start crying foul when they are followed by security wings,” he said.

He has however appealed to law enforcement agencies not to confine their investigations to politicians but extend to other officials as well who served in the previous government.

He said corruption investigations must be extended even to chiefdoms because there are some chiefs who were involved in corruption so that they come out clean.


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