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He is famous for his counsel on love matters and relationships. This earned him the name ‘ Luv Doc’ but Francis Ngenda Sipalo is more than counsellor.
He is also a sensational singer. Musically he is called Krizo Palo and he has a latest single called ‘ OG’.

“So, OG is a song that talks about the Origaba love and authentic love,” he says.
“As many women these days don’t give OG love as they just follow you for what you can offer and what they can receive in material form other than emotional , spiritual , care, share and chemistry.”

He explains that the song is mainly to appreciate every woman out there that gives pure OG love.

“And hence, I put it in song and happy song for that matter. You know when you celebrate OG love ,you need to dance and celebrate. And that’s what the song is depicting,” he says.

The song is set in two versions , an acoustic version and pure dance instrumentals. The artiste is working on a video.
OG is actually a title-track of Krizo’s forthcoming album which is being targeted to hit the international market.

“It’s from Lusaka , to Zambia and from Zambia to the world, that’s what we want to do with this project.
OG is the title track of my upcoming Afro pop 18 track album. The album was recorded at two studios namely Key Studios and iDiscover/Influenshow studios,” he said.
“Most of the songs were written by Kidman, the boy who wrote “Wonderful” by Roberto , and “Follow” by Tbwoy Tbizzy and did some songs for many other artistes such as Jonto, Herald, Hamoba, Bob Muli , Vision and many others. However , some of the songs were written by me of course and Bob Muli. “

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