NWCCI Holds Expo Dec2-3NWCCI Holds Expo Dec2-3
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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in North western province says it is concerned with the outcry of The Zambian business community incurring loses at Kipushi and Kasumbalesa borders.

In a statement, Chamber President Mukumbi Kafuta states that the situation is slowly getting out of hands and that if left unchecked, the Zambian business community will continue losing out.

Mr. Kafuta said the situation is detrimental to increased economic activities for the country.

“And this can be attributed to unfavourable pricing mechanisms by Congolese counterparts, which is not supposed to be the case,” said Mr. Kafuta.

He said being an organization that is focused on reducing trade barriers and encouraging regional cooperation, the chamber is committed to addressing the real and immediate challenges business entities are faced with.

He said in view of the above, there is urgent need to set committees comprising Zambian business community at the two borders that will look at the plight of their counterparts.

He has also proposed that the ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise Development and Provincial Ministers for Copperbelt and North Western Provinces to facilitate a meeting with the Congolese mission to address the bottlenecks to regional Trade.

He has further proposed that a price bureau for price control and regulation be created.

“And the Prices should be worked out to consider cost of production and transport; as Zambians should be able to realize profit regardless which part of country goods are coming from,” he said.

He has also called for a creation of a standardized system of measurement which should be controlled by Zambians and the removal of unnecessary middle men from the Trade platforms.

“And all shops and stands should be retained by Zambians at both borders
and ensure that each Congolese entering Zambia should present valid Trade documents,” he added.


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