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Patriotic Front Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo says it would be folly to judge the newly appointed Minister of Information and Media, Chushi Kasanda based on her level of intelligence by the ability to read foreign words.

Mr.  Lusambo has since condemned those that showering ridicule on the minister.

Mr. Lusambo has defended her saying her performance should never be used as a basis to judge her.

He says her strong abilities, far outweigh the demands to read a speech eloquently.

“That unfortunate episode during her maiden news conference yesterday should be treated as an isolated case of below par performance which was occasioned by many factors that were beyond her control” Hon Lusambo has observed.

He has further observed that the newly appointed Minister is a very strong, assertive and intelligent woman.

“I have known and interacted with Hon. Kasanda and I can attest to her strong personality and willingness to learn is a very strong” he said.

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