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Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda has been accused of contradicting President Hakainde Hichilema’s stance that Zambians are free to express themselves in whichever way.

During her first press briefing on September 16, Ms. Kasanda announced that Zambians must exercise freedom of expression with restraint.

Free Press Initiative (FPI) founder Joan Chirwa says the statement by the new minister contradicted President Hakainde Hichilema’s stance that Zambians are free to express themselves in whichever way.

Ms. Chirwa stated that freedom of expression is a constitutionally guaranteed right that all Zambians enjoy subject only to the limitations stated in the Constitution and that a minister has no right to gag the citizenry.

She called on the minister to quickly correct this impression created which she said FPI finds very disturbing, especially that the freedom of expression right has in recent years been eroded through arrests, closures of radio stations and newspapers which seemed to have dissenting voices to those of the former government.

Ms. Chirwa charged that hearing a minister attaching conditions to how far someone should go as they express themselves is something that the government should categorically state if that is their current position.

She observed that Human Rights defenders were still celebrating the many progressive pronouncements made by the President and that statement by minister Kasanda has left many worried because it strayed far from what the Head of State said that his government shall guarantee freedom of expression and of the press.

“She has called on the government to clearly state its position on freedom of expression considering the latest statement by the Chief Government Spokesperson,” she said.

  1. Now that the zambia police force has regained its power once again.
    They have to show that they are capable of doing a good work and are not allowing any unlawful act from citizens of the country or towards the citizens. All corrupted leaders must be punished for the behaviour and wrongful act towards our resources. Its now time to show that zambia is not wick and no one can take advantage of it. Zambia is the best and peaceful country and no one should take advantage of its kindness.

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