OVER 1000 marketeers bus and taxi drivers are earmarked to become new landlords under MoneyGrowOVER 1000 marketeers bus and taxi drivers are earmarked to become new landlords under MoneyGrow
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OVER 1,000 marketeers, bus and taxi drivers as well as other business owners are earmarked to become new landlords under a project spearhead by MoneyGrow Savings and Credit Co-operative Society ‘Own a House Scheme’ in partnership with Diamond Equity limited.

Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo has said housing ownership for Zambians was an issue that is close to President Hakainde Hichilema’s heart and one of the key focus areas for the new dawn Government.

He was speaking on Wednesday during the flagging off of the construction of over 1,000 housing units to be owned by bus and taxi drivers, marketeers and many other Zambians in Lusaka West at Chishelungu Housing Estate.

“The fact that all of us gathered here came from home this morning, underscores the importance of housing to a human being, humanity has infact come to the agreement that food, accommodation and clothing form the three most vital needs of human beings anyway in the world,” Mr. Nkombo said.

He said in a speech read on his behalf by Ministry’s director of Housing and Infrastructure Development Nkumbu Siame that over 3000 youths would be employing to offer labour towards the successful construction of housing units.

The minister further said hundreds of small business owners by virtual of them being members of the Money Grow Co-operative would share in about half a billion kwacha worth of business opportunities from the project.

“I am elated that thousands of ordinary Zambians have joined hands to start saving towards the home ownership scheme,” he said.
Mr. Nkombo urged relevant departments to ensure that the processes and procedures necessary for such a project to move smoothly were expedited.

MoneyGrow Savings and Credit Cooperative Society national chairman Mauden Shula said the “Own a house scheme” is targeted to empower over 1000 beneficiaries in informal sector with majority being marketeers, taxi drivers, general dealers, shop owners, to enable them build and own houses.

He said the housing scheme was aligned with the New Dawn Administration to bring economic transformation for ordinary Zambians to own plots within a space of two years.

He said the project would create 200 jobs for youths as the project will require thousands of made doors and other building materials.

Bus and Taxi Drivers Association general secretary Sydney Mbewe appealed to Zambians to give President Hichilema time to settle and refrain from attacks on his development aganda that have no tangible solutions.


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