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Water Minister MIKE Mposha says Zambia is seeking to mobilize 5.75 billion dollars to improve water security and sanitation investments by 2030.
Hon. Mposha says the funds once mobilized will be channeled towards water investments aimed at supporting economic transformation, enhancing resilience through water while strengthening water and sanitation governance.
The Minister was speaking during the World Water Week session on governing values and benefits of water in Sweden and has since called on its partners to consider working with government to implement the Zambia investment program.

Hon. Mposha explained that President Hakahinde Hichilema and his Government are committed to ensuring that a conducive environment is created for such investments to thrive and enable it contribute to economic transformation and job creation.
He said the New Dawn Government will ensure transparency and the rule of law is in effect so that water resources management is undertaken efficiently and effectively so as to attain national water security.
The Minister also stated that Zambia has made progressive strides in increasing the water and sanitation coverage across the country but more still needs to be done .
He further said the ministry has also strengthened good corporate governance for all water institutions in the country so that there is proper water management and ensure the attainment of water security.
And Stockholm International Water Institute Chief Operating Officer Karin Gardes says her institute is undertaking academic and technical research that will help developing nations in the making of sound political decisions in the water sector.

Meanwhile, the Government of Netherlands says it is concerned with the rising pressure of too little or too much water due to climate change, and the degradation of water which has put billions of people’s lives in danger.

Ms. Karin Roelofs who is the Head of the Water Team, for the Minister of Foreign affairs Trade and Development of Netherlands has since called for a more integrated approach to water governance in order to advance good implementation of policies by governments.

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