Labour Commissioner, Givens MuntengwaLabour Commissioner, Givens Muntengwa
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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Labour Commissioner, Givens Muntengwa suspended the operations at Sino Minerals Kasempa Limited based in Kasempa District.

Mr. Muntengwa has since given the Company up to 5th January, 2022 in which to attend to various breaches of the law that were noted.

He explained that the company was given enough time from the last inspection which was conducted on 3rd October, 2021 to deal with the labour matters raised.

Mr. Muntengwa disclosed that among the matters still not remedied includes, failure to have employees undergo medical examinations as required by mine safety standard regulations, no workers’ compensation control board contributions, some employees do not have contracts in writing, no safety officer as required at a mine, no standby ambulance in case of an accident, employees are still not unionised and employees have not been updated on the outstanding payments of gratuities and leave days.

The Labour Commissioner noted that the suspension has been effected in line with section 10(5) of the Employment Code Act which essentially empowers the Labour Commissioner to direct a company to take certain preventive measures or remedies within a specified period.

“These directives were given earlier on in October, however, the company failed, refused or neglected to comply with the said measures and thus it has become necessary to upscale the sanctions under the same section which further empowers the Labour Commissioner to suspend further work of the company until it complies,” Mr. Muntengwa explained.

He has since given directives that during the period of suspension, the employees shall not work but will be on full salary as the law provides.

He added that should the company fail to comply with the suspension, section 10(8) of the Employment Code Act makes it an offence and principal officers can be made to pay a fine including being sent to prison.

“We shall continue sanctioning companies that break the law with impunity because it is fundamental that employers must respect the laws of the land without exception and this clarion call cuts across all companies regardless of the colour of the persons who own it as there is no sacred cow,” He warned.

Mr. Muntengwa noted that there is need to weed out all forms of abuses of the employees so that there is a conducive work environment in each and every company.

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