Jack MwiimbuJack Mwiimbu:- Stop Political Violence
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The Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security has directed all party cadres belonging to both the ruling and opposition political parties to immediately stop engaging in violent activities or risk being arrested and prosecuted.

Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister, Jack Mwiimbu said he was dismayed by the seemingly increasing violent activities involving suspected political cadres attacking perceived political opponents and innocent individuals particularly in Lusaka district.

Mr. Mwiimbu said President Hakainde Hichilema instructed all party cadres across political parties to stop violence and embrace each other to develop the country forward.

The minister said that there should be a fresh start to everything and the new dawn government shall not tolerate political hooliganism being perpetuated by whosoever is involved.

“The new dawn government was voted into office because it assured citizens of leadership anchored on the rule of law and respect for human rights,” Mr. Mwiimbu said.

He said as the party in power, it was not going to depart from the promises it gave the people and all the suspected cadres involved in these violent practices shall be rounded up by the police to ensure justice is delivered.

The minister however, urged the inspector general of police to continue exercising his authority as instructed by the republican president so that every citizen regardless of the political affiliation can enjoy the long awaited freedoms in the new dawn government.

He furthered said the Zambia Police Service should not relent in investigating these reported cases of political cadres attacking innocent individuals and perceived opponents as this will serve as a warning to individuals perpetuating criminality in the name of party cadres.

The minister reiterated the party’s position; the united party for national development (UPND) and government in office, that they would not protect any of the members that will be found disregarding the directive of the president on violence.

He said the Zambian people were tired of political violence and intimidation in markets, bus stations and other places which characterised the previous regime and that in the new dawn Government, people’s rights and freedoms should be upheld and respected. This is according to a statement issued by the ministry’s public
relations officer Nephas Chifuta.

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