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HOME Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu has advised motorists and the general public to stop bullying and harassing traffic police officers for ensuring sanity on the roads.

Mr. Mwiimbu said he had observed with regret that the public and motorists were bullying and harassing traffic police officers on the roads.

He said in a statement yesterday that it had also come to the attention of the ministry that motor vehicles that are not road worth, unlicensed drivers and lawlessness on public roads had become a major public concern.

“The ministry wishes to advise motorists and the general public that the directive to abolish traffic snap check points and only maintain security check points does not imply tolerating lawlessness on the public roads,” Mr. Mwiimbu said.

He urged Zambia Police Service, traffic unit working in conjunction with other stakeholders such as the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to continue policing public roads for safety of the traveling masses and the general public.

He said officers should ensure they stop motorists suspected to have committed an offence and charge them accordingly.

Mr. Mwiimbu said the public and motorists should note that traffic police officers had a constitutional duty to ensure public safety is not compromised on public roads.

He has reiterated his support to the Zambia Police Service, traffic unit to ensure traffic regulations are enforced to protect citizens.

This is contained in a statement issued yesterday by Home Affairs and Internal Security public relations officer Nephus Chifuta.

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