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Three days after the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) gave former Presidential Spokesperson Amos Chanda 10 minutes to get to his farm located 32 kilometers from Lusaka, and 2 kilometers off Leopards Hill Road, for a trip that takes 45 minutes, documents which law enforcement officers sought have been stolen.

Speaking at the media Briefing at his house in Lusaka last night Chanda pleaded with security wings to offer protection as trigger-happy ACC officers continue to raid his properties, and threatening to cause harm.

Mr. Chanda says though a law abiding citizen, it is ironic that personal computers and K64,000.00 were stolen in a car burglary crime that has since been reported at Kabulonga Police Post, and now delegated to officers at Woodlands Police Station.

“One can clearly see a link, how can documents and personal Information Communication Equipment, which ACC officers wanted to forcibly gain access to including my diplomatic passport, title deeds to my property, client company profiles and K64, 000.00, end up being stolen, while meeting my lawyers in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area,” Mr. Chanda asked in regret, pointing out that he was alerted of the theft as he retreated to the car to fetch money to pay a counsel.

Mr. Chanda regretted that ACC Spokesperson Queen Chibwe confessed that officers did not actually have a search warrant, an omission clearly pegging the search illegal as the law enforcement agency is not above the law.

Mr. Amos Chanda complained that he was only given 10 minutes to get to his farm Amos’ Farm 32 kilometers from LUSAKA, 2kms off Leopards Hill Road a trip that takes 45 minutes, a distance that took the investigators 55 minutes.
However, despite Mr. Chanda being warned that failure to get to his farm within the prescribed time, ACC agents would proceed with the search, a position that irked the former State House Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations.

A law enforcement male officer identified as Friday Tembo led a team of seven people claiming to be from ACC offices.

Mr. Chanda found it amusing that officers quizzed and asked for tuition receipts for his twins at Baobab International School, ignoring a fact that when he served as a junior officer at the Zambian High Commission in United Kingdom, the duo enrolled at an international school in Lusaka.

Stating readiness to cooperate with on-going investigations, Mr. Chanda protested that officers want him to commit a crime by divulging information which came to his possession while serving as Presidential Spokesperson to Zambia’s Sixth Republican President, Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, a portfolio he left barely 2 and a half years, sometime in 2019 , as of today Friday 29th October, 2021.

“I still have 22 years and six months to 2044 for me to talk openly on information which reached me as a public servant while at state house.

I am ready to talk” noted Mr. Chanda as he later took journalists on a conducted look at the damaged car caused during the 20:00 hours to 22:00 theft on Wednesday 28th October, 2021 at Sable And Roan Restaurant in Kabulonga Area.

During a Media Briefing a State House, Mr. Chanda resigned after a serving four years as Presidential Aide And Spokesperson. Mr. Chanda remained resolute in supporting President Lungu and government in the pursuit of development and utilization of limited resources.

Highlight’s of the briefing Was when Mr. Chanda
Said : “I do not exaggerate, but as a law abiding citizen, I need to secure a presidential waiver to talk, as I still have 22 years and 6 months to remain quiet”.
“I cannot be used to search another target with immunity; I am not the one who crafted the law,” protested Amos Chanda
“I am not a prisoner, I have not run away from Mukobeko Maximum Prison, so I must not be harassed like a commoner,” pleaded Amos Chanda.

“Just as is the case with the ACC, I am neither above, nor below the law,” Amos Chanda.

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