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Former Minister of Water, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Raphael M. Nakacinda has congratulated former President Dr. Edgar Lungu for the smooth handover of power to the New President HE Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

And Nakacinda has paid glowing tribute to the former President Dr. Edgar Lungu stating that his tenure of office had been a huge success with massive infrastructure development in the nation as his legacy.

He said under President Lungu and the PF Government, Zambia had gone from 2 public universities to 7.

He pointed at roads, bridges and hospitals as other huge projects that President Lungu and PF had delivered, stating that these are legacies he will be remembered for.

And Nakacinda has wished Zambia’s 7th President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema a successful Presidency, stating that he will ensure that the UPND and President HH remain accountable to the Zambian people and deliver on the Promises that they have made.

He said the UPND during their campaign, promised free education, immediately they formed government and they would be expected to implement that immediately.

He said the UPND had promised jobs to the youth, and that those jobs were expected immediately.

He further said the UPND had promised increase in meal allowances and extension of student loans and bursaries which were expected to be a reality immediately.

He added that the farmers had been promised that fertilizer would now be bought at K250 by farmers and that this had to be done at once..

The other promises made by UPND which the operation binoculars is watching  to see  materialise  is the 25,000 jobs for the professionals such as nurses , teachers and doctors and jobs for cadres in markets and bus stops as well as 3 decent meals for every Zambian citizen .

Meanwhile Nakacinda has condemned in strongest terms the Ill treatment of former President Lungu’s entourage at the Heroes Stadium stating that they had been made to watch the proceedings on the screen in the holding room, during inauguration.

He said that was setting a bad precedence which would come to bite the current government in the back when their time to leave also came.

Nakacinda said this when he launched the operation binoculars at the Radisson Blu hotel in Lusaka today.

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