UPND National Management Committee-NMC-member, Grace ChivubeUPND National Management Committee-NMC-member, Grace Chivube
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UPND National Management Committee NMC member, Grace Chivube has accused opposition PeP leader, Sean Tembo and PF Member of the Central Committee in charge of Information and Publicity of overstepping their boundaries in the provision of checks and balances to the ruling UPND.

In an exclusive today, Ms. Chivube argued that much as the Zambian Constitution provided for the provision of checks and balances to the party in power, it was impunity for the duo to continue disparaging the establishment of the Office of the President.

She also scoffed at the duo’s insinuations that President Hichilema has failed to fulfill his campaign promises such as creating jobs, empowering youths and women and providing free education, further calling on Zambians to wait for the 2022 Budget in January in which she said were spelt a proper road – map.

She charged that it was unlawful for the two PF-aligned individuals to continue insulting the Presidency.

She also wondered how the two expected President Hichilema to attain the economic turn around that the people expected him to when they failed to do the same during their 10-year tenure in office.

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