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FIFA President , Gianni Infantino will make his first official visit to Zambia this month.

FAZ General Secretary , Reuben Kamanga said at a press briefing at Football House in Lusaka on Wednesday that Infantino is due next week for a two-day official visit.

The last FIFA boss to visit Zambia was Infantino’s predecessor Sepp Blatter in April 2002 when he opened the FAZ secretariat Football House in Lusaka.

“I have some exciting announcements to make to the football family and general public. The FIFA president, Mr Gianni Infantino will be in Zambia from June 12 -13, Kamanga said.

“This is a huge milestone for our country as it comes at a time when football development, especially for our women is on the rise.

“You may wish to know that Zambia was last honoured with such a visit from a FIFA President over 22 years ago.”

Infantino’s itinerary will on top of touring FIFA funded projects in Zambia also see him meet government officials and family members of the 1993 Gabon Disaster.

“We do not take such a visit for granted as there are so many countries across the globe that have never had such a privilege. During the visit, the FIFA president will take time to interact with the FAZ stakeholders at a gala dinner on the date of his arrival,” Kamanga said.

” The president will also have an opportunity to interact with senior government officials to discuss various areas of partnership.

“He will take time to inspect some of the FIFA-funded infrastructure projects within Lusaka.

“As you are aware, FIFA has been a major sponsor for several infrastructure projects undertaken by FAZ in the country, which are all aimed at enhancing sports development.

“The President will also take time to interact with the families of the Gabon Air Crush Disaster. To this effect, the FIFA president will be part of the commemoration ceremony, which will take place at the memorial site at Heroes Stadium.”

Infantino’s visit will end on June 13 with a Women’s Under 15 exhibition game at National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka

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