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The Non-governmental Organization’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) says it is disappointed with the scrapping off of the ministry of Gender by the new government.

NGOCC North-Western provincial coordinator Pauline Zulu states that the scrapping off of the ministry is a drawback in the development gender equality in the country.

Ms. Zulu said since the creation of the ministry about ten years ago, a lot strides have been made using the ministry in terms of promoting gender equality.

She said the creation of the ministry by the previous regime was a step in the right direction as it was able to address challenges faced by women in the country.

“The removing of the ministry of Gender has disappointed us as the women’s movement because we fought hard in ensuring that women have a strong voice through the ministry, “said Ms. Zulu.

Ms. Zulu said despite pronouncements regarding women empowerment, access to education by the girl child among others where made by the President during his address to parliament, there was need to maintain the ministry for easy policy direction through a specific ministry.

She mentioned that through the ministry, it was easy for the women folk to carryout advocacy works.

She disclosed that it was through the same scrapped off ministry that the women movement championed the re-entry policy, the 50:50 representation in parliament as well as the appointment of women in various key government positions.

“It was through such advocacy where we saw a first female being appointed as Inspector General of police, the first female Chief Justice, appointment of a good number of women to cabinet and parliamentary positions, “she said.

She also expressed sadness that even during adoptions, most political parties adopted men compared to women,

She is however hoping that President Hichilema will relook at the importance of the ministry so that it is brought back.


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