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The Minister of labour and Social Security, Brenda Tambatamba says the movement of the National Health Insurance Management Authority (NHIMA) to Ministry of Labour and Social Security will necessitate a collaborative working relationship aimed at the provision of quality, affordable and timely delivery of health services to the people of Zambia.

Ms. Tambatamba said that His. Excellency, the President of Zambia has emphasized the need to work together to achieve the greater good for all adding that beyond working with Ministry of Health and Labour, other ministries such as Finance, Small and Medium Enterprises as well as Community Development and Social Services are part of this collaborative and mutually complementary matrix.

She said this during the Courtesy call to her office by the National Health Insurance Management Authority in her office.

The Minister noted that Government is behind time in putting in action the new Dawn Directives on improving health outcomes for Zambians as outlined in the UPND Manifesto quoted as “reformation of the national health insurance system to ensure the benefits of the system are available to all citizens”

Ms. Tambatamba added that this means that Government is moving towards a social health insurance scheme where the lower and middle income groups and those in the informal sector are gradually included on a reasonable flat rate.

She observed that NHIMA being a new organisation, operating under a new law, has many teething challenges including contradictions and lacunae in the law as well as other policy and functional barriers or gaps.

Ms. Tambatamba has since encouraged the institution to come up with evidence based proposals on how to deal with such matters to ensure that there is smooth service delivery.

Additionally, she urged the institution to create synergies and collaborate with other statutory bodies such as NAPSA, Workers Compensation Control Board and Occupational Health and Safety Institute in areas of common interest.

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